Surfacing Again

Weeds on a frosty winter morningI knew it would be a challenge to try to study while battling with a chronic illness, but I did not anticipate having to completely stop so soon after starting. I was just getting going, over a year ago now, when my health started going downhill very rapidly and soon I was just too unwell to get anything done. It was the worst relapse I have had since getting ill, and several months were completely written off.

Around July time, my energy levels picked up a little bit, I was even able to do a bit of dyeing so I now have an inspiring selection of naturally dyed embroidery silks waiting to be used. However, the good patch during the summer didn’t last very long, and so the winter months quietly went by without any major progress – apart from one or two frosty mornings when I was out with my camera, photographing the dried remains of wild flowers in my garden. I love their linear shapes, and I am thinking of using some of them as inspiration for my embroidery exercises.

Weeds on a frosty winter morning

But now, finally over a year later, I am feeling I am beginning to surface again. Although I am by no means recovered, or even on the road to recovery, I am nevertheless at a stage where it is possible to start contemplating having another go at my studies. And I do not want to wait any longer, I just so want to get back to my exercises, back to drawing, back to sewing. I need the inspiration it gives me – it gives me hope. So I have decided to give it a go again, no matter how slow the progress is going to be.

Weeds on a frosty winter morning

Weeds on a frosty winter morning

For the last 6 weeks or so I have very gently started catching up. It’s still not possible for me to stick to any sort of schedule or plan, my stamina is still too unpredictable for that, and there are still weeks when just the very basics of day-to-day living consume all energy that I have. But slowly, very slowly, some progress is being made and now I am even daring to start writing about my progress on this blog.

Weeds on a frosty winter morning

In the spirit of catching up, I have revisited some of the exercises that I did a year ago. I haven’t started completely from scratch, but just done a few more mark making exercises just to remind myself what it was all about. But that’s a topic for another day’s post…

Grasses thawing after morning frost



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